Dynamic Deal Feed

Paste Once, Update With New Deals Forever!

The Dynamic Coupon Feed (DCF) is a handy tool for keeping your site up-to-date with the latest promotions, coupons, and sales from the merchants that you represent.

Whenever a merchant configures a new ad and flags it as a coupon or deal specific ad, that ad will be automatically sent to the DCF widget on your site. Each DCF configuration will let you subscribe to as many or as few merchants as you’d like and select the number of coupons/deal ads you’d like to display from them. The tool is completely 100% automated and all ads will be automatically taken off the list when the sale/coupon expires.

Below is a live example of a Dynamic Coupon Feed featuring the latest deal from four merchants I’ve selected:

Here is an example of how to allow your visitors to RSS subscribe to these deals using the RSS Deal Syndication tool:

For more information on the Dynamic Coupon Feed, see the following video: