App Market

The AvantLink App Market is the first of its kind. Picture the iTunes App Store but for the world of affiliate marketing. Anyone with a great idea and the programming know-how can build a fantastic marketing tool and publish it on the App Market, making it available to all affiliates on the AvantLink network. Here is an example of the type of app that you can find on the AvantLink App Market:

SnapVisi: A bookmarklet tool that allows you to outline products in a photo and attach customer affiliate links to those products when hovering over the outline. Try hovering over the shoes below.



A widget that dynamically searches and finds the lowest price of any product from all of the datafeeds of merchants that you’re an affiliate for. See the below tool for the sames shoes pictured above:

A true price comparison engine that takes all of 5 seconds to set up. Search for any product to find the lowest price, all dynamically and immediately sourced from the datafeeds of each of the merchants that you’re an affiliate for. Try searching for an item below.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Skychaser GTX Shoe - Men's