Affiliate Link Encoder

Got Lots Of Content? Here’s Your New Best Friend…

The Affiliate Link Encoder (ALE) is an incredibly powerful tool for affiliates who have a fair amount of content. This tool automatically scans for certain keywords and phrases that you specify, then converts any occurrences of those key words into an affiliate link that leads to a destination on a merchant’s website of your choice. This tool converts all occurrences of keywords and phrases across all content new and old and is immensely powerful for affiliates who have significant amounts of archived content (like a forum or active blog).

So, imagine for a moment that this page isn’t talking about the ALE but instead talking about snowboards. <—- Whoa, see that? That word was automatically encoded by the ALE with the affiliate link that’s now associated with it. This is because I’ve told the ALE to change any occurrences of the word snowboards to an affiliate link. See, there it goes again.

I’ve also told the ALE to send all “snowboards” links to a specific page, in this case the general snowboarding category page on the website.

Of course you can have the ALE point encoded keywords to any URL on a merchants website. For example, maybe I want to target the word “Burton” and have it point to a page full of only Burton products. Both times Burton was mentioned (make that three times now) it was encoded and now points to a brand-specific page on

The ALE also also automatically encodes any occurrences of static URLs for brands that you represent as an affiliate. For example, the hyperlinked and references above were both automatically converted to an affiliate link to those sites by the ALE despite being simple static URLs before the ALE.

For more information on how to use the ALE, please see the video below: